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51" Extendable Snow Brush - Detachable Ice Scraper and Ergonomic Foam Grip

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3 in 1 DETACHABLE DESIGN: With brush, squeegee, and ice Scraper. The thick bristled brush help you remove snow from your car windshield and windows quickly. The snow brush extends up to 51” making the hard to reach pockets of snow reachable. Easily reach the middle of your windshield or the middle of your car roof with our extendable snow removal brush, including large RVs and trucks.

HIGH QUALITY: The car snow brush is made from high-quality materials. The high-strength ABS shaft and EVA cotton handle have been engineered to withstand heavy snowstorms. The telescopic handle is made of Aviation grade aluminum Alloy to reduce bending during cold weather. Detachable Snow brush and ice scraper for easy store.

270° Pivoting BROOM HEAD: The snow brush head can swivel 270 degrees, allowing you to brush at various horizontal angles. Easily remove snow and ice by setting the brush at the optimum angle making snow removal job easier.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Long winters are tough. The foam grip design feels warm and comfortable when covered with snow. Foam grip allows you to have full control, while providing extra comfort.

60DAYS WARRANTY: Our extendable snow brush comes with 60Days warranty. total weight of snow brush is 600 grams and the package size is 16.7 * 6.8 * 3.1 inches. The package includes 1 carry bag + 1 snow brush/squeegee + 1 extendable arm + 1 scraper

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