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Calgary's Top Rated & Honest Auto Mechanic


Why Choose Zack Auto & Trucks for Your Car Repair Needs?

At Zack Auto & Trucks, we're not just a repair shop – we're your trusted partners in maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle. With an impressive track record of over 300 5-star reviews and the honor of being named the Best Auto Repair shop in Calgary for two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023, our commitment to excellence is evident. Our friendly and honest service sets us apart. Once you experience the Zack Auto & Trucks difference, you won't look anywhere else for your automotive needs. From oil changes to complex diagnostics, we've got you covered.

Car Mechanic with Tablet

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services We Offer

Our expertise extends across a wide spectrum of automotive services. Whether it's the routine maintenance of an oil change, the reliability of brake services, thorough engine light and ABS diagnostics, or the precision of wheel alignment, Zack Auto & Trucks is your one-stop solution. We cater to individual vehicle owners as well as companies with fleet maintenance requirements. With a dedication to quality and a 2-year/40,000 km warranty, our services are designed to keep you on the road with confidence.


Oil Change Services for Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Regular oil changes are the foundation of a well-maintained engine. At Zack Auto & Trucks, we understand the importance of proper lubrication to prevent overheating and damage. Our skilled technicians use quality oils and filters to ensure optimal engine performance. Trust us to keep your vehicle's heart healthy.


Expert Brake Services in Calgary with Warranty

When it comes to brake services, safety is non-negotiable. Zack Auto & Trucks is the trusted choice for reliable brake repairs in Calgary. Our comprehensive brake services are backed by a warranty, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Zack Auto -Fleet background.png

Fleet Maintenance Solutions for Companies

For businesses with two or more vehicles, our fleet services program is tailored to meet your needs. With top-notch services and a 1-year/20,000 km warranty on all jobs, Zack Auto & Trucks is your partner in keeping your fleet in prime condition.


Complete Automotive and Light Truck Repair

From HVAC and A/C repairs to wheel alignment, tire services, battery testing, suspension and steering repairs, and beyond, Zack Auto & Trucks is your complete automotive and light truck repair shop. Our experienced technicians tackle every issue with precision, ensuring your vehicle's safety and reliability.

Car AC

Reliable HVAC & A/C Repair Services

Is your vehicle's heating or A/C system acting up? Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair issues like lack of hot/cool air, unusual noises, refrigerant leaks, and more. Count on us to restore your driving comfort.

Luxury Car Wheel

Expert Wheel Alignment for Optimal Handling

Wheel alignment is crucial for safe and precise handling. Our experts use advanced equipment to ensure your vehicle's steering and handling are top-notch, enhancing your overall driving experience.




Hearing unsual sounds from your vehicle can be extermely disturbing. We are here to help 



E.L.V.I.S. inspections

Livery inspection station


Out Of Province inspection

Alberta facility licence



-Tire sale

-Tire mount & balancing

-Tire repair

-Tire storage.



in Canada, it’s important to know that batteries can fail from extreme weather conditions. If your battery is 3 years old or more, have it tested for charge, 



Before you decide to buy a car, either from a dealer or private seller let us check it for you, we will provide a complete and affordable pre-purchase inspection!



starter, Alternator. Wipers. door lock . lights ...

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